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Qualifications and Experience


As the primary election draws near, I feel that it is important to remind everyone of my qualifications.  I feel that it is time that we have a young, vibrant Town Justice that can relate to the times and knows our community. I have 11 years of criminal law experience, this is so important in our Town Court.  I am the only candidate with criminal law experience and the only candidate currently practicing law.

I was an employee of the Erie County District Attorney's Office for nearly three years.  During that time I was assigned to the Justice Courts Bureau and served as ADA in almost every single town, village and city court in Erie County.  I spent a year and a half in Town of Amherst, working as their prosecutor.   During my employment in the DA's Office I conducted on average 5-10 trials per week, sometimes more.  The majority of those trials were DWI trials.  However, I also conducted trials on assault charges, petit larceny charges, harassment charges, drug possession charges and others.  I have conducted pre-trial hearings, including but not limited to, felony hearings, suppression hearings, bail hearings, violation of probation hearings, restitution hearings and sentencing hearings.  I have argued against 180:80 motions, 30:30 motions and other such motions.  While in the Justice Courts I conducted several jury trials as well.  I have had jury trials in misdemeanor DWI cases, assault cases, petit larceny cases and even a boating case.  On several occasions I was also asked to handle Felony Jury Trials in County Court.  I tried several felony DWI trials.  I have conducted hundreds of trials, including at least a dozen jury trials.  

Once I entered private practice I continued to practice criminal law and I continued to conduct trials on the local court level and the county court level.  I have continued to conduct trials, hearings and motions while practicing criminal defense.  I appear in Amherst Town Court on a regular basis.   

I also practice Family Law, adoptions, real estate and estate planning.  

Friends of Honorable Kara A. Buscaglia
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