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Kara has practiced in Amherst Court for over ten years and is fully familiar with the inner workings of the Court. Kara has worked, and is currently involved, in all of the treatment courts currently established, drug court, domestic violence court, veterans Court and gambling Court. She looks forward to continuing all of these specialized courts to continue to benefit the community and those in need of treatment. 

Amherst is a criminal court, the majority of the cases in Amherst Court are criminal in nature. Kara is the only candidate who has practiced criminal law and has experience with criminal cases. Kara has both prosecuted and defended criminal cases. Kara has picked dozens of criminal trial juries and has completed hundreds of criminal trials. Kara is the only candidate currently practicing law and the only candidate who has practiced in and is active in the Amherst Town Court. Kara is the only candidate with the experience and qualifications necessary for this position. Kara is fair, experienced and hard working. She is the most qualified candidate for the position.



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